July 11th, 2019: Still a bit of a delay, but…

Yeah, the Mega Man LP is still a bit delayed.

But, I am working on an Adventure Game Studio game I’ve wanted to get done with for a while. See, this was originally meant for MAGS (a monthly competition on the Adventure Game Studio forum) back in May, but I knew it would never get done in time, so I decided to treat it as a stand-alone short game. Anyway, I should be done with it soon, and can post it up when done.

July 8th, 2019: Practicing for a Let’s Play

So I’m practicing for a Let’s Play of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, starting with the first Mega Man game. Luckily there is a Rewind Button (just need to remember to use it if I REALLY screw up something–which is often in the first Mega Man game), and also the save thing (will come in handy for the Wily Stages if I need to take a breather). Hopefully I can get into the groove of things to start on making vids.

Also, since I have Discord, I can keep my ear to the ground for upcoming games to do reviews on. It may be a while, but hopefully not too long, till I can begin freelance blogging.

Anyway, what’s new with all of you?

July 7th, 2019: Possible Let’s Play idea…

I have been considering a possibility of a Let’s Play to help get my skills in for blogging on games.

Since I have both Mega Man Legacy Collections on Steam, maybe I could do my own “Road to Mega Man 11”, similar to how the Quarter Guy on YouTube did.

I’d have to plan it out carefully, due to my current job schedule, but I might be able to help get some experience in.

So, what do you all think?

July 6th, 2019: Just been thinking…

It’s not always easy trying to find stuff to write about to keep it consistent, video game related or otherwise.

But I am part of some Discord groups that are game related–Pixel Game Maker MV, various RPG Makers, and Adventure Game Studio.

I dunno, should I sometime post there to offer an invitation to interview? Or maybe ask for some of the upcoming games to discuss? Maybe when there’s time, do a Let’s Play or two of games.

I’m asking your opinion.

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