Mar. 11th, 2020

Weather is slowly warming up. Just a little drizzle today.

Before my chiropractor appointment, I did some LifePoints and InboxDollars. The Gaia Online visit had to wait till after the appointment, as I kinda overslept.

But anyway, today I’m trying to do more of my pencilings for my AGS project. I want to get as much done as possible, as this project of mine has been in indie “development hell” for too long. I want to try to get this done.

Anyway, that should be it for this post. After I take care of these pencilings (I plan to wait till Monday to scan them), tomorrow thru Saturday, God willing, I want to work more on the story I’m writing. Maybe when that’s done, I can devote more of my free time to getting this game project done. I guess we’ll have to see.

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