Jan. 8th, 2020–AGS Background Blitz

Another day off work, I guess I should make the most of it.

I did another of my online classes at Udemy, as well as a brief visit to LifePoints and InboxDollars. The visits had to be brief, as I had my chiropractor appointment this morning, and I had some ideas of what I want to do after that.

The recent “Background Blitz” in the Adventure Game Studio forums started. The theme this time is “temple”. So I got a start on it. It’s due on Jan. 22nd or thereabouts, so I have a little bit of time.

But my main project, creativity-wise, today was working on another gift art for another friend on FurAffinity. I used some more gameplay videos from NintendoComplete to help me maintain focus.

First one to show was a Castlevania-style game from the Sega Master System, called “Master of Darkness”. I saw this gameplay a couple times in the past, but I thought NintendoComplete’s play of it could always use more exposure.

On one hand, a Castlevania homage, but on the other hand, it can stand on its own. Seriously, check it out! NintendoComplete did an excellent play of this!

Eventually, I was able to finish the gift art I wanted to work on.

BlizzardKitsune’s wolf girl, Calamity, having a nice walk under the full moon.

So yeah, since it was a day off from work, thought I’d try to get as much done as possible.

Final thought of the day–any other WordPress users who like making anthro-themed art?

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