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Advertising my first commercial game–The Whitmane Adventurers

While I’m still here, thought I’d advertise my first attempt at a commercial game. It’s called The Whitmane Adventurers.

It was made with RPG Maker 2000 (which I got on Steam). All the graphics and sound…even the music, I made myself–yep, all by myself!

In this game, you play as four adventurers–Benjamin, Jamie, Alexander, and Robert–as they must save the world of Egrenbarke Evercee from the mad scientist Dr. Pernicious, and his four living WMDs.

There’s one small thing I should warn about:

Although I did fix a possible problem with the airship (if you teleported to a town), there may still be issues with the small boat and the larger ship (sea one). So a little warning–don’t use Teleport (once you gain it) when you’re on a boat or ship. Also, when you get to a new continent, wait till you visit the first town there before doing teleporting, so you don’t get stuck in an unwinnable situation!

Anyway, you can find my game in GameJolt. It’s a name-your-price game. Preferably 50 cents, but whatever you think it’s worth.

So… yeah.

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